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ReVanced APK is the Best Project After Vanced, Many Features are Available. Now Amoled Theme Available.

Hello Friends, In this we will talk about ReVanced which is very Popular after Vanced. Actually ReVanced is the unofficial Version of Vanced, but the features are same in all way. ReVanced is continue after Vanced by ReVanced Devs. You can see Video in PIP Mode and Background Play with no ads. So, If You know about this in Detail please read complete article below which will be very helpful for you.

What is ReVanced ?

Youtube ReVanced APK is the best unofficial version of Vanced with the same Features, Here in Youtube ReVanced APK You see the Dark Amoled Theme which looks very great in our Android Devices. Here there is no any Ads in any video and Background Play is available. PIP Mode which is your video able to play in multi window or You can say that Picture in Picture Mode. One of the best Feature is also here which was on Youtube Old Version which is Dislike count, Many people want this again so, in the ReVanced you able to see dislike count. You can also add your google account with the Help of MicroG, You have to install MicroG Application for Login Google Account. Now in ReVanced Header changed to Premium Logo which look very great.

Youtube ReVanced APK 17.36.39 Download (Latest Version) Free 2022

Why use ReVanced ?

Those who need the best dark Amoled theme and many people are very worried with ads. So the Revanced For You in simple way you will see many features like PIP and Background play with No Ads. Many people no afford Premium features but they love to watch youtube, Now You will see many features like Premium. one of the best feature is that you can see dislike counts. Day by Day ReVanced become popular, also Read features below.

Many people are using Vanced at present but you can use ReVanced from now because update of vanced had been stopped. Now, ReVanced Updates are continue. It is the Project of ReVanced Devs on Github. Same features are available here like vanced, wait for some days, its ReVanced manager will also come with best user interface.

Features of ReVanced

  • No Ads : which mean there is no any ads in any video you can enjoy your content which any ads.
  • PIP Mode : Picture in Picture mode is very use full if you study or enjoying any conent from youtube by this you can switch you video in mini features and do any other work in your device.
  • Background Play : If You are a music lover then this is for you in this feature you can play video songs on background like music, not even music you can enjoy news and podcasts.
  • Premium Logo : This is not features, actually in header the Youtube Logo converted to Premium Logo which looks very great.
  • Amoled Theme : This is the Dark Black Amoled theme which looks much better than Dark Mode.
  • Dislike : In this You can see Dislike Counts.
  • 120Hz : If Your Device supports 120Hz then You don’t need any extra module, it supports 120Hz.
  • MicroG : This only appliation by which you can login your google account.
Youtube ReVanced APK 17.36.39 Download (Latest Version) Free 2022

Download ReVanced APK For Android

Read Below its Basic Information about the application Like Does it Support my device and Size, Version and Much More.

Latest Version17.36.39
DeveloperReVanced Team
Requires 5.1

Best Alternatives of ReVanced

There are mainly two alternative which are Youtube Pro and Vanced, You can say that Vanced has been discontinued due to some reasons, You can go with Youtube Pro, actually it is the closed project by sam, It has one feature which makes it great which is downloading feature which means Youtube Pro has the features of Download Music and Audio and Many like HDR playback options. Also many here available on github which are libretube, Newpipe and many but there are Popular Vanced, Youtube Pro and ReVanced. I Suggest you to use ReVanced because it is the open project.

How to Install ReVanced ?

This is Very Easy to install ReVanced in your devic, but still many of my friends are not able to install so dont worry, I m here for your help follow my guide step by step with screenshots. Many of my friends come in trouble, now i am going to tell in complete details also tell you how can you login account with MicroG.

After getting the both MicroG and ReVanced File, You have to install first MicroG not because only for login even it is also prevent from crashing the ReVanced so First Install MicroG.

Youtube ReVanced APK 17.36.39 Download (Latest Version) Free 2022

If Your device not able to Install or asking for Install from unknown source simply allow it from unknown source.

You Not Need to Open this Application simply done this.

Now time to Install ReVanced Like same as MicroG. After Installing the ReVanced simply open and enjoy. If You know how to login with the help of MicroG so read below.

Youtube ReVanced APK 17.36.39 Download (Latest Version) Free 2022

After Installing this just open and enjoy and add account, For guide for adding account read below.

How to Login in ReVanced with MicroG ?

This is Very Easy to Login with the Help of MicroG, If You are the vanced user then it will same, If you are new then i will tell you in simple steps. After Installing the MicroG and ReVanced Like Above Installation Guide. Then Open ReVanced and Go to Its setting You will the MicroG Option simply click on that and Login your google account, You can see below screenshot.

Youtube ReVanced APK 17.36.39 Download (Latest Version) Free 2022


What is the difference between Vanced and ReVanced ?

Both are same in Features and in Much way, You will like this if you are a vanced user. which mean there is no any difference.

Can i Login like in Vanced ?

Yes, You able to Login like Vanced with the help of MicroG.

Does it Available for ios ?

No, Currently available for Android Devices.


This is only the best Alternative of Vanced with same features you can give a try if you are vanced user then you will definitely like this, Here You will found same features with Premium Logo which is very best. I personally use this from starting actually in am vanced user and i found this one which is like same as vanced in all way like features and microG for login From my side i will give five out of five star to the ReVanced and also its developer team. So My Friends give a try to this application and if you like Share Your Feedback in comment section.

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